Hold on to the ball

Hold on to the ball
by Joel Howard

End of the game fouls
"He did it! She did it!"
Every opponent knows
She can disqualify a team
If she claims foul

I dreamed last night of the Chicago Bulls
And Jordan's winning shot in the finals
Paxton passed to Cartright
Who passed to another
Who passed to Michael
Who made the goal

Sure the fans go wild
But so do the opponents

Three men I saw in the dream
Accusing another at the last
Seconds of the game

Please, we're already walking off court
The game is over

And honestly, the referee is the only one
With the power to pause the win
Pause the game

And I saw Jordan enter the locker
With the referees silent
No one had validified the accusation
There was no foul on the offense

It was a mere attempt 
To squelch 
To rob
What was rightfully gained
When he made the shot

I also had a vision yesterday of 
A judge's mallot
And the collective accusations
Of mankind
rising up to God
But then the mallet turns all of those
back on earth

So Jordan walked into the locker room
And I could feel his emotions
I could feel the sound of accusation
Bleed into nothing
As the losers lose
And the Bulls win

And he begins to think 
of victory his

So in my life, 
I believe God has given victory
But I will not be handed the victory easy
Not lightly
I must, instead fight to hold on to the ball

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