When Silence killed Striving

When Silence killed Striving
by Joel Howard

Quiet before kings
Not loud in crowds
Gentle, whispering
Never calling out loud
Not trusting men
Or their heart within
Jesus defeated
Striving with silence

Martyrs all over history
And here and now
Have one common secret
One: How they bow
Down when all else
Raise their heads high
Willing to suffer
Willing to die

Like autumn's leaves who
Never claim
Evergreen's wisdom
Christmas tree's fame
"I am just yellow
Or brown or red,"
So they fall swiftly
So they fall dead

May I like Jesus
May I like them
Relinquish control
Freely instead
of having to fight for
My place in the ring
Pleased with my boundaries
Like in Psalm 16

"What pleasant limits!"
O may I shout
"Richness in favor!"
When I'm left out
Turning my other cheek
When I am hit
Blessing persecutors
When they at me spit

Here in the secret
Here in my heart
Not in the doing
Jesus, you are
Healer of every
Heart that's bowed low
Hidden our journey
Yet far we will go
Silence kills striving
Friend, now you know!

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