The necessity of music

The necessity of music
by Joel Howard

The necessity of music
The need for praise
Look back at cultures 
Before our day
Before there were stereos
Some people were named
As full-time singers
"Singer" their last names

As God rebuilds a house of praise
Weeping and singing 
Are heard in this place
Some hear weeping
Others hear elation
Those who remember
The first house of singing
Know the entanglement
Of which we are speaking

Yet accusation 
Makes clear its face here:
"If God they sing of,
Its a temptation
To honor less 
Our worldly lovers"
So many frown at 
Modern day singers

Free the singers
God save the singers
Free them God
Favor us now
For if the singers
Sing as they are told to
Heaven's aright and 
The house of praise too
Dark turns to flight
At the sound of good news

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