It was Jesus

It was Jesus
by Joel Howard

In Ecclesiastes
Poor, poor Solomon: 
"What the heck! Joy's not working!" 
As he packed in the surprises
Taking triple-sizes
So it is with us
We replicate the great
And avoid the small
Despising that which hasn't been joyful at all
We recognize the big
And scoff there upon the lame
So fleeing what we see in ourselves
(We are the same)
Solomon chased patterns 
of what he thought was true
But Lord of all the things he chased
He mostly forgot you!
It was you who made the heavens
It is you who sets kings up
It you who says "yes" to 
Satan's trials on us
It was you who strengthened Job
With the persistence of your prayers
Strengthen us right now
As we risk, as we dare...
To step into the blue when all others say life's red
Who step into the messy when it seems to be yielding death
To step into our weakness when (by God!) we wish for strength
To step into life's questions when answerlessness yields angst
To step down into homelessness and dine with fellow poor
To step into the loveless and see you among the forlorn
To step into the wondering, the crying and the lame
To step into the places only Jesus truly came

For if you are in big, then the big is where it's at!
But if you are in small, then I won't be seen, my friend
If joy was had by men, it's cuz Jesus showed his face
And if the martyrs bled, it's for Jesus, just the same
So if you're puzzled by this
And if you wonder why that
Maybe this here is your sign:
It was Jesus, that is why

It was Jesus, that is why

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