"I am going forward"

"I am going forward"
by Joel Howard
In loving memory of my grandmother, Lois Gantz

When a girl gets saved
It is one thing for her
But another for her future generations three
Today I am remembering
In tearful awe
The day that she began her walk with God

"I am going forward"
She said
As she handed the hymnal 
To a friend

And O her life would change
And mine, too, would never be the same
I am thankful for 
The friendship of a girl like her
To a God like You
And I am thankful that her faith
Ran three generations through
To a man like me
And to my own family
I am thankful, Grandma
That you went forward

Its the story of a girl
Who had a girl
Who had a boy
That boy is me
And her faith runs deep
Into my own family
I am thankful, Grandma 
That you went forward

Faith spreads deep
And is never hidden
Never weak
Like a mustard seed
Give it time
It will speak
I am thankful for the day
That faith came our way
I am thankful, Grandma
That you went forward

Courage to obey
Even in the face
Of all-encompassed changes
That you faced that day
But you a promise made
And the course you did stay
I am thankful, Grandma
That you went forward
I am thankful
That you went forward

Today I look at my son
Whose faith has just begun
He got saved a week
Before you went upward

And to my children three
And their future family
I will let the river flow onward

Grandma, you meant more to me
Than mere relative family
You became a part of me
Each time I heard you speak

Cradled me with sympathy
As Father's name you called for me
And all my generation
To move forward

Handled each and everything
With care and eager delicacy
Never missed your turn to speak 
A kind word

Passion 'til the day you died
Now you are at Grandpa's side
We will miss you
As we move forward

I am thankful, Grandma
That you went forward
We are thankful, ever thankful
That you went forward!

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