How God wants me

How God wants me
by Joel Howard

When I am proud, I get your back
I get your anger, I face lack
When I am weak and show my need
I see your face when I come humbly

For God so loved the world
He wants to show us good
"Who can show us good!"
All mock as if we should

Not I, said the man
Glory? Only God can
Holy? I am God's man
For me? Yes, just as I am

Favored? Yes, by His grace
Safe here? Yes, in this place
How does heaven want its members?
Humble, mold-able, otherwise defenseless
Humble, teachable, otherwise defenseless

Weakness is our jersey
His team written on me
Zero is my number
One is my defender

Two or three are better
Communing with my brothers
Loving on His children
Praying for His coming

How God wants me 
How God needs me
Just completely
Broken, needy

But at that same time strangely
Bold and confident
Not in what is 
Typically thought best

But confident in how
He made me low
Breathed life in dust
Confidence and trust

Not in calling
Not in talent
Not in money
Not in my strength

But in favor 
He gives to me
He gives only 
There he wants me

All my trials keep
Coming my way
So I'll there stay
Where he wants me

How God made things
Is how they'll be
Or he'll remove me
He will exclude me

But for Jesus
Precious Jesus
Came and saved us
And forgave us

I wear my jersey
His team on me
God, less of me!
That's how God wants me
It's how God wants me

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