The commotion

The commotion
by Joel Howard

When God decided to come down
O my God what noise was found
A rustling beneath the heavens
As viral went the throne room message:

"God is coming - coming down!"
Angels and creatures gathered round
Satan too, his minions found
So spread the news of man's renown

"Could it be - O could it be?
God will lay aside his king?
The Christ - the sacrifice He'd be?
No lamb? No other offering?"

Like Isaac and Abraham we see
God tested and revealed indeed
In Genesis - in the beginning
The Father and the Son we see

A heart of sheer delight, it beats!
The heavenly lights, delight they scream!
As rustling and bustling about
The heavens as the news got out:

"God is going to be man!"
This changes everything!
The commotion, the commotion yes!
"God is going to be man!"

Like football games when things unfold
Like matches where the odds are told
Like good news in the game of war
As heaven takes the greater score

What a sound! Commotion!
Satan wrings his hands for sure
What a man!  What a Lord!
Jesus takes his place in the world!

What a friend! What a God!
Enemies now to Him nod
What a Christ! What a Savior!
Jesus take your place in this world!
Jesus take your place in the world!

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