Slowing down to win

Slowing down to win
by Joel Howard

Accelerating is thrilling
Escaping all that we thought to be dull, for sure
But so is a quiet breath with the Father
I'm slowing down to win, my Lord
I'm slowing down to win

Fame is elating
Crawling up out of all we each despise, I say
Yet just one glimpse from my time in my Father's house
Is the catch I adore, for sure
I'm slowing down to win, my Daddy
I'm slowing down to win

Friendship with masses
Seems fantastic, 'xept there's no intimacy there, alas!
The heat and the frenzy serve to upend 
What I have right here with you God, my Lord
I'm slowing down to have you, O Father
I'm slowing down to win, yes I am!
I'm slowing down to win

Fancy are harlots
And masters galore who promise to meet my needs
But I know the fast-lane is really death's lair
I'm slowing down for sure, my Lord!
I'm slowing down for sure
Take from my soul its idols

Fair are the meadows
And fairer the woodlands: all you have made allures!
Get Thou, though the glory
Jesus, implore me 
Capture my heart for sure, my Lord!
Capture my heart for sure!
I'll risk it all for home with Thee

Fence me in, Jesus
Take me, I plead thus! Enraptured in all You've said
I'd rather have one day with you God
Than dwell in Sin's tents every day instead
I'm staying put, I said!
I'm staying put, or dead!
I'm slowing down to win!

Shout on the rooftops:
There is a place where all of your fears can rest
There in the grave 
And the cross where He became
Sin for us all, and bled
Come to the cross, be fed, O sinner
Come to the cross, be fed
I'm slowing down instead
I'm slowing down, my friend

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