Modesty or popularity

Modesty or popularity
by Joel Howard

If popularity is scattered seed
Modesty, then, is going deep
What if, when you ask a tree
He gave hints at which to be

"Modesty," would say the tree
"First and foremost that to be
Be so deep and breathe in sweet
All of life, if life you'd see"

"Have in mind that all flows free
If you hide the you truly.
But careful then, to not escape
unearthing plans to win the fake"

"Mindful of your roots now be
Lest you give way to popularity
Whose age-old loves the best have seen
Begging for just one repeat"

Watch a tree - it sways, it seeks
Never more than thanks and sings
Quiet does the root go deep
Loud and long, its branches swing

Smile upon each tree, its clear
There is no anger, and no fear
Sadness, yes, but purpose still
Sadness, yes, but honest still

What else would you ask the tree?
Ask it for a branch to see
Just how worthwhile waiting be?
Just how real growth can be?

I thought today that none I give
Replaces what another must live
So constant is my call to grow
Constant is my need, I know

But how often do I forget 
To stay plugged in to where I live
Quick to market fruit I grow
Forfeit I would lest I know

I the cook, creative be
Love to give, love to sing
But like my friend, the age-old tree
Number one is going deep

Modesty, that home would be
Hiding all, and going deep
Til I'm full as full could be
And spill over for all to see

Lets stay home - lets go deep
Ever full - treasure seek
Finding in hidden rooms
Treasure there, only from You!

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