Can I? You can

Can I? You can
by Joel Howard

Can I hope in my mess?
Can I joy in this place?
Can I be here, can I rest?
Yes, o sinner, you can in this place!

Can I relinquish control and pride?
Can I let all my secrets out tonight?
Can I find rest for a sinner like me?
Yes, o sinner, you can in this place!

Healing has come
Bridegroom is coming
Sign on the line
He loves you
He loves you tonight!

Can I smile in my fear?
Can I raise my eyes here?
Can I reject shame now?
Yes, o friend, come on down!

Come on down from your pride
Come on down, child, tonight
Come on down, it's alright!
Yes, o sinner, you can come home tonight!

Flee nothing more
Hide in the LORD
Stay safe and secure
Stay warm here!

Find rest in God!
O worthy son
Daughter, welcome!
Can I? You can
Sinner, you can

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