But for the resurrection

But for the resurrection
by Joel Howard

All is limited
All are lost
But for the stains upon that cross
Always panting
Seeking, searching
Always ending
Leaving and never returning

Jesus was quiet
As all Man whipped him
First with words
And accusations
Tormented him
With loveless taunts
That was his first wooden "cross"
First the torture
Of off-beat thinking
Name-calling, reviling
Spitting, stinging
Crowned him with thorns
He one, they many
Overpowered him
Though he let them
We think we're strong when we 
Use our force
He thinks its stronger to love
Of course
But God became man
And died just like them
But for the glorious resurrection

Silence seems silly
Shameful and losing
Talkers who flaunt their
Tongues like lightning
Upon the backs of souls of men
We upon Jesus 
laid them then
Not 'til 'twas too late
Did man say
"Surely" he was God...
'Twas too late

But there's one ingredient
We're all missing
This: the glorious resurrection
Just like we're shut in 
in 2020
Must be like Jonah down in the belly
Yes, like Daniel there with the lions
And like Joseph in prison's tryings
Or like our Mary who bore the blame of
Virgin conception, tall her call was
Faced with oppressors just like Pharaoh
You, me like Moses persist to have faith
Martyrs a many gone before us
Felt like they lost 
At least so it seems to us
Jesus the first of oh so many
Who place not one bet 
On Man's tyranny
The opinion of Man like wind it is
I'd rather be staunchly set upon Him
Who tells that same wind 
Which way to blow
Join Him in praise or, same, sorrow
Who makes all stones alike to roll
I stake my claim in one who has risen
All for the glory of His resurrection!
His all the glory; Him who resurrected!

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