When O when?

When O when?
by Joel Howard
A song about everyone's deepest question

Pace, pace, pace in this place
A God who calls each one to wait!?
How could we esteem such a nasty complaint!?
A God who calls each, yes, each one to wait!?
Our gall oe'r his pace
Our need for first place
Our sadness inside when we reflect on our pain
For God to call me, and each one to refrain
Is painful enough
Then he calls again!

Like Acts chapter one when his disciples are met
With resurrection - he enters their rooms again!
Imagine if you were a follower back then
With time for one question before he ascends
What question would you ask, and then turn back then?
What question if not the same one we ask now him:

When O when
When O when
When O when
Will you come again?
When O when
Will sorrows end
Will sorrows end?
We ask you our Friend!

The agony with which we 
Must know simply
Can we trust Thee?
To be enough? see
All our sighing, groaning, crying
Lack of love that's satisfying
Comes precisely to this question
When O when
O when, O when!
When O when
O when, O when!?

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