by Joel Howard
A poem about good-byes and learning to let go

This is it
I've pin-pointed my pain
Down to this
This is it: Transitions

From moving
To moving
To moving again
It explains 
The state I'm in
From turning from you
To turning to sin
Safety in transitions
This is it: Transitions, God

Our country, alike 
Is in this same fight
A conundrum of heights
Stemming back to good-byes
Letting go
Letting new leaders 
Take hold
It grates at our minds
It eats up our souls

But transitions, friends
Are the beginning, not only the end
Opening up doors wide
Up, out and inside

Will we accept our loss?
Will we receive a new boss?
I for one say amen!
I for one say again

Transition is the state we are in
Let's do this well
Let's humble now, friends

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