This just in

This just in
by Joel Howard
A call to worship and prayer

This just in!
A God who sees
A God who keeps 
His ones, his sheep

This just in!
Our silence bows
Our hearts way down
Appropriately so

This just in!
The waters rage
But not as strong
As Him who sustains 

This just in!
The birds, they fly
He knows when any
Of them die

This just in!
You made it here
Not by reverence, love 
Or fear
But by His voice
Which called you here
His calm, his quiet
His redeeming ear

This just in!
Jesus has made
All of us to 
Love His name

This just in!
The mountains move
At the prayer
Of ones like you

This just in!
I've never seen
A greater God
As now we see
Working miracles
tons each day
Look in any direction
Look in any way

This just in!
The tides move in
And out again
Because He says

This just in!
The colors of
The plants below
And sky above
Tell a story
Paint His love
The rainbow of
Promised love

This just in!
Stories are but
Chapters in 
God's great book

This just in!
Your doubt is but
A sliver of
Reality's look

This just in!
Ten billion 'fore
You have come
So, judge you not

This just in!
No man, no one
Can e're surpass
The Holy One

This just in!
Quiet thee
'Fore in vain
You do speak

Consider the news
That spreads not on
Current stations
Heard not lots

This just in!
Old is the book
Old are the ways
Old are the ones
Old is the path
Old is the Name
But great is the pay
For those who'll come

This just in!
This just in

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