Pray the Word

Pray the Word
by Joel Howard

Over the world there's a spell
Day and night
The smell of hell
Sick are sicker
The poor meet loss
All are empty
All are lost
Confusion lingers
Thick as smog
Every face
Covered with fog

Hearts continue
Reeling in
The sadness and 
The weight of sin
What was once
A simple weight
Has become heavy
So heavy, so great
That I can't find 
A single name
A sole solution
A reputation of fame

I can't bend the rules for you
But here is what I'm going to do

Pray the Word
The Word of God
Read each verse
And turn it up
Into prayer 
Repeat to God
All His promises
Every one

Pray the Word
Recite the letters
Which make sin
And sickness better
No better word
Has e're been spoke
Has one been greater?
No, it has not

Sick be healed
Dead be woke
Warmed and healed
By fire and smoke
Which stems from 
Heaven's cure untold
Jesus' Word 
Rekindled, spoke
Just the Word
Pray the Word

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