The yes of a Father

The yes of a Father
by Joel Howard

Intrinsic belonging
Love to confess
The heavenly longing
Upon worldly mess
To hear my Daddy 
whisper, confess
To hear my Father
give now his yes

The yes of a Father
The trauma would cease
The pain would be lessened
The wars would decrease
The battles we rage
Both without and within
The sting of hell
The guilt of sin

Only through Jesus
Can I relive this
What once had we previous
What garden-laid bliss
The Church would be radiant
The Saints would erupt
With holy communion
Our souls know "enough"

And sinners and poor ones
And widows and kids
Would have what they needed
If He would find this:
A heart that is open 
To a heaven-sent kiss
To the love and the yes
Of the Father towards him

The yes of a Father
The yes here within

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