O (your name here),

O (your name here),
by Joel Howard

"O Daniel...you are greatly loved" angel Gabriel to Daniel, (Daniel 9)

Our battle is for our significance
Our significance is the cause of this
Sometimes even sickness lets us
Slow down and fight for significance

Daniel caught wind of his significance
Then he laid sick - some type of illness
Followed by petition, prayer and penitence
Daniel knew God had more in this

More than sin leading to separateness
More than wasted investment
Daniel prayed, pleaded and fought for this
God return us to our significance!

Gabriel came and claimed to know this
O Daniel, you are significant!
Greatly loved, and here, I bring you this...
Gabriel came to speak of all of this

When you're sick, left with time to rest
Think of sins, ours and your own sins
Cross the line between desiring and asking
Confess your sins, plead for mercy

Don't let pain squash your significance
But let it draw from you a heart that's penitent
Ask for mercy, ask for recompense
Plead for grace, claim the love of Him

Who calls you friend, who's made you famous
When the angels give you messages
O (your name here), they come in such haste
For you, my child, you are significant!

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