My worthiness in Christ

My worthiness in Christ
by Joel Howard, a poem

What scandal is this!
You would bestow upon us worthiness!?
My worthiness in Christ

These two words cannot be separated
Christ from worthiness
And worthiness from the like
I am worthy
O my worthiness in Christ!

Nor staying nor leaving
Causes changing
I am worthy in Christ
I am worthy in Christ

It's worth repeating
What can't be defeated 
My worthiness in Christ

I hear it more in the quiet
Than in my attempts
I see it in the lowness
When I close my eyelids

I smell it in nature
When there I hide
My worthiness in whom?
My worthiness in Christ!

The one who bled
The God who died
What greater treasure!
Than my worthiness in Christ

And its not just mine
But to all who come find
It's not just mine
Our worthiness alike

There are no favorites
There are no one-ups
Nor does a moment of failure
Change our worthiness in Christ

So why do some stray and others stay?
Well, repentance is this:
Staying in Him
Staying in forgiveness
As if the start were the finish

Not moving from this:
My worthiness in Him
Worthiness for life
My shelter in the strife
My worthiness in Christ

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