Love your way home

Love your way home
by Joel Howard

Giants abound
In terror, they roam
Chilling defeat
Inside your home
You cannot win
By your strength alone
Cannot overcome
They'll kill you, I know

For they tower high
Above the strongest of men
They swing and they strike
And usually win
Unless you approach them
By stopping to pray
Unless you bow down
They won't go away

How do you ignite
A flame that will last?
In times where our fight
Is wearying fast...
The tender in you
The prayerful in us
Is now more than ever
Our only, a must

For love tears down giants 
Who tear down our homes
Love is the path
Love, love alone
Between you and God
And all of us
Loving each day
Love, love, love

Love now again
In our generation
Enemies and friends
Work and vacation
Knock down a giant?
Arrive safe at home?
Love down those giants!
Love your way home!

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