by Joel Howard

We all know pain, but do we look at it?
We all know sorrow, but can we talk about it?
We all know joy, but do we accept it?
It's complex, but do we know it?

We each feel regret, but can we name it?
We each have hopes, but do we describe them?
We each smell fear, but do we know why, how and when? 
They're complex, but do we know them?

So quick to find answers and send you on your way
So quick to remind you it shouldn't be this way
So quick we are each to grimace and all of us look down
We hide our faces, we cover our frowns

Have any of us mastered the bottom of our hearts?
Have any of us fully unpacked each part?
Has healing become a trademark of ours? 
A gift we strictly give, having graduated with honors?

No, life's complex. Life's cruel, unpredictable. 
No, life rejects our wit and our wisdom. 
Lean not on your own understanding, says God
The impenetrable source - invisible One

Jesus, come be our Friend so true
Holy Spirit, come be each one's Counselor, anew
Church, may we pray constantly
Father, unpack for us each complexity

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