Now be quiet

Now be quiet
by Joel Howard

You've waited?
Now wait again
You've wanted?
Now ask again
You've worked?
Now work some more
You've knocked?
Push down that door!

Persist, persist, persist
Don't you ever quit
Its been told like this:
Quitters never win!

So it is with God
But in losing control
Working actually lessens
Our performing mentality
Working actually quiets
This bold in you and me
Humbly do we come
Cherishing the small
Exalting Jesus Christ
As King and Lord of all:

You've sat?
Now sit again
You've worried?
Pray again
You're quiet
Stay right there
Stay in that moment
Of quiet prayer

Don't ever feel
Like silence has a quota
Like God's had enough
Of you're and my 
Quiet love

It's good for us to wait
To softly celebrate
With God go one more mile
Being quiet, like a child
Weary of repentance?
Think you've reached the end of it?
Have you exhausted quietness?
Good - now be quiet
Good - now, be quiet

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