Become a child

Become a child
by Joel Howard

Every person
At the end of her life
Every person
Who ever was one
Who would be remembered

Became a child
Left just as bare
As when she arrived
When she came here
Too oft the thought
Of us in our pride:
"How high am I!"
To the moment we die

"What's up must come down"
We say it a lot
The rules of the ground
Gravity's thought:
When God increases
All that you have
You'd better be ready
To give it back!

Job in his anguish
Trained he was late
To hand all back over
Relinquish his plate
"Naked I came
Naked I return
Blessed be God
In the soft or the firm"

Jesus knew too
That little ones laughing
Knew more of God
Than the judging, the slapping
Of Pharisees who crept
To steal from the free
May we be childlike
And be free indeed

Become a child
Become the mist
Free to blow wherever
Pleases now Him
Moldable be
Courageous and free
Become a child
A child deep in me

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