We seek a blessing

We seek a blessing
by Joel Howard

Funny how we all believe
Interesting how we all are deceived
Thinking we don't have a friend
Thinking we're alone again!

I guess that's what comparing does
Enraptured by the voice that says, 
"Someone's not as good as you!" and 
"Someone doesn't love you!" too

We seek a blessing
We seek a lot of things
We seek all we need
And all we need
Is a blessing
The Father's voice above
Gentle as a dove
And as strong as Your love!
We seek a blessing!

Can't seem to shake the thought:
"Who can love me with all I've done?!"
Forgiveness takes us back to when
We each sinned and failed again!

We seek a blessing
We seek a new beginning
We seek all we're longing for
All we can't go without...
Is a blessing
The Savior's touch that sends
Our greatest fears away
And bids us come and stay!
We seek Your blessing!

Have we alone all come to be where we are? 
Is it not only You who brings us each this far?
To where we are!??

We seek a blessing
Just one drop of mercy
Will heal our heart's hurting
It's what we're craving...
Just the blessing
The Spirit's favor rest
Endowed holiness
And righteousness!
We seek God's blessing!
Not because of all we've done
But by His crimson blood
We seek Your blessing!
Just Your blessing!

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