We assume success to be successful

We assume success to be successful
by Joel Howard
Prov 24 - "Do not be envious of the wicked..."

200 billion dollars
Richest man in the world
That's success

Maybe a trillion will unlock my ears!
Richest man in the world, huh? 

I'd rather be poor than rich, man
I'd rather be stuck in Him
Than found at the top of a hill, and 
Then found all the sudden at the bottom!

Better to be poor!
Better to be lame!
And weak
I'm rejoicing in
All the success of secret love for Jesus!

All disappointments will be mended soon
All broken joints will be mended soon
All cups of pain and ladles of tears
Will be glimmering in heaven when He appears

Shining as gold!
Shining as bright as I've been told!

My faith is gold
And some more
My faith is so much better!
Better than "success"

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