the Beatitudes: A dummy's guide to surviving the end times

the Beatitudes: a dummy's guide to surviving the end times
by Joel Howard
see Matthew 5

To the extent we are poor within
That's the extent to which we'll win

To the extent that we cry and cry
That's the extent we will know true life

But if we are rich in the way we live
In the end, that much less we will get
And if we ignore our pain inside
There'll be much more pain on the other side

Are you so quiet, unwilling to shout? 
That's where its at!  The earth will be yours 

Are you starving and thirsting for life? 
Boy, you will surely be satisfied! 

However, if you raise your head in the streets
You'll soon end up completely empty
And if you are drunk and gluttonous here
You'll starve to death when Jesus appears

Do you give freely and nothing withhold? 
Jesus says it will go well with your soul

Do you reserve your eyes for your very own wife? 
Then seeing Your God will be a great sight!

Yet squanderers, hoarders and those of the like
Will get quite nothing, at the back of the line
And those who lust after the beauty outside
Will not get a peek at the Father's eyes

The peacemakers, revile-takers
Will in heaven belong, and their reward be miles long

The persecuted and falsely accused
Are in good company! A reward they surely will keep

But the instigators, and hatred makers
Will be left outside the Father's house in heaven
And those who strike, judge and the like
Will not make the team!

Study this guide well
Study it until
All your poverty, and generosity
Daily bear their fruit
God will reward you!

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