Silence is not weakness

Silence is not weakness
by Joel Howard
"They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength..." Isaiah 40:31 KJV

For weeks
Yes many days
I have carried this lowly phrase:
Silence is not weakness
For it can be strength
When I refrain
When we refrain
Our strength, we regain
When we complain no more
Restrain our "power"
Tame our tongue
All for the Holy One
Our defenses undone
Our weakness exposed, not shunned
O America, bow in weakness
Hush your proudness
Silence is not weakness
Silence is not weakness
Humble as you once did
Stand upon strength and
Silence your home as
We bow down in meekness
Choose hunger and thirst
Admit what is worse
Let light shine on you
To darkness undo
Admit we aren't clean
And God isn't mean
Refrain from jealousy
Point fingers at "me"
Admit and become free
Return from striving
Hang hats 
And see
The strength of silence
The importance of integrity
Of coming clean
Admit what's dirty
Admit, don't blame shift
Admit it, that's it!
And watch what He will do...

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