by Joel Howard

Ever try and figure out
Who this whole story is about? 
Even in your own narrative
What's the point? 
For whom do we live? 

If this dragged out story merely is
To point out all that I once did
If my woes and joys alike
Point to my own ability to suffice

Or if our every journey's turn
Is meant to cause others' hearts to burn
Deeper in conviction of
Their own response to Jesus' love

Which one is the better fit? 
Who's your story's protagonist? 
I'd rather make mine be His
For I'd always lose, He'd always win
I'd much sooner take the softer song
And let His ring out all day long

I'd much rather be supporting
Let God be the central, appointing
All others to His own aim
Glorifying Jesus' holy name
I'd much sooner step out of the game
First, surrender to Jesus' ways
That my greatest contribution be
"God to You be the glory!" 

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