Prodigal Chronicles: Need

by Joel Howard

The question of safety
The question of being needy
The doubt leading to lack:
"Who's got my back?"

Our need - you and me
Our lack of safety
Comes from disbelief
That "He's with me"

When the prodigal left home
And when the prodigal came back
It was propelled by lack:
"What is it I don't have!?"

I think these days that 
The Ancient of Days
The One who made sun's rays
Is holy, and that innate
Not because of what He's made
But because there's nothing He hasn't made

I think that our need is to be...
The need for you and me is to be

Nestled in the love of a Father
Our Father who loves us
And expects nothing from us
In order to fuel His next love

We leave home in need
But come home in need too
Why not leave and cleave
Why not be like the weaned

Who sit now at the feet
Why not experience the relief
Of a Father - Alpha and Omega
Who awes the angels
And the millions
With the breath of His mouth

Who says
And it happens
Who swears
And it happens
I know 
Its His promise
That will solve now
All this...

Our need is to believe
We need but to believe
To taste and see
In the pages
To spend our days just
Loving Him

Sinner, come within
Arms wrapped by Him
Struggle not to win
"Win" is His

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