Prodigal Chronicles: Failure


by Joel Howard

Identity conferred
Not ever earned

All else is failure
Not less than failure

I left all I had
My family, my Dad

And what have I left? 
Failure, failure...

Come home to see
He was waiting for me

Though all changed for me
Here in my mind

Not one ounce of Father's love
Had declined

Dad sprinted, He did
He fumbled, He did
He stumbled, but not
A doubt did He emit
When He told me I'm loved
I belong, still His son

My greatest failure
Began when I doubted

My Father's love
Can never be routed

Though I should climb down to hell and again
My Jesus saved me, His love it did win!

Doubt has been my greatest failure
Birthed all of my sins
Shame has a father - 
Satan's lair it lives in

My greatest failure begins
When I quit
Quit loving God
And choose to love sin

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