by Joel Howard

"Hear, O Israel, the LORD our God, the LORD is One..." Deut. 6:4

Why is God One? 
Is it for competition's sake - to one-up the rest? 
Is it for insecurity, that He might not be the best? 
Or is it that He is relational? 
That He's the Only One
Is it that He is alive
And in that, compared to none? 
Is that why He confronts us
On all the other gods? 
Asks if our idols can talk
Asks if they can even walk? 

What if the Oneness of God is not a goal
But a primary fact, a place...
A truth to be told? 
What if when I hear Him tell me that He is..
It's to cause a sigh of relief in me
Because I can know Him, 
There's none but Him

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