I am secure by Joel Howard

I am secure (2003)
by Joel Howard

God, you are my one good thing
And all you love is all I delight in
You say I'm your favorite one
Take me to my destiny in you

Keep me safe, O God
For in you I hide myself
Preserve me, O God
For in you is all my strength

You will take me there
I know I'm hidden
In the wounds that mark the body of the Lamb

I am secure
Completely hidden in you, Jesus
What you've called me to is delightful
And I'll rejoice in you forever!

Those who trust in other gods
Will live in increasing sorrow
But I have set you as the seal on my life
My heart's definition

I won't be shaken, no
I'm hidden you

Therefore my heart is glad 
and my tongue rejoices
My body will also rest secure
For you will not abandon me
You did not abandon your son
As surely as he lives, so do I
As surely as he lives...

Original song copyright 2003-20 by Joel Howard, All rights reserved, Recorded in New Jersey, USA by Joel Howard.

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