Grace by Joel Howard

Lyrics: I've been through oceans alreadyWe are repeating this themeI thought I had gradually graduated from this classBut I'm finding that there really is no way to passI think I'm swimming but I find I'm drowning fastIn in graceI'm looking for the only wayThe only way I'll make it throughThe only way I'll make it through and not be burnedIs by graceYou've been through fire alreadyStubble is falling from your sideYou're looking more beautifulMore beautiful than beforeMore beautiful than before and I know for sureIt's 'cause (of) grace You are more than enough...This song is copyright 2008-20 by Joel Howard, All rights reserved; All instruments and vocals performed by Joel; recorded in 2010 as a part of Joel's "Here's to the Journey" album, available online everywhere for sale and at on our resources page for bulk and physical copy orders. Write us at for more. This song was originally written in 2008 by Joel Howard.

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