Day and night by Joel Howard

Lyrics: Lord God Almighty on the throne Voice like a trumpet, holy one Surrounded by a mighty throng Who was and is and is to come Uncreated, triumphant Sovereign over all creation You are like jasper, beautiful And carnelian An emerald rainbow's around your throne Thunder and lightning rumble down Seven lamps are blazing 'round Crystal sea is there spread out Day and night there's never-ending declaration Of how sanctified you are My one desire's to be there before your throne forever Fascinated, gazing, loving you and being loved by you! Jesus, the holy lamb of God You're the only worthy one Elders and creatures sing their song The voice of many angels heard Thousands upon ten thousand In a loud voice crying out: Lion of the tribe of Judah The root of David Worthy of all of our praise! You have purchased men for God From every nation, tribe and tongue Kingdom and priests to serve our God Holy, holy, holy is the LORD! Copyright 2004-20 by Joel Howard, All rights reserved. Recorded in 2010 by Joel Howard - all instruments performed also by Joel in Scranton, PA as a part of Joel's "Here's to the Journey" album, available online everywhere and on sale at at our resources page. Based on Revelation 4 and 5, God's throneroom. Written in Houghton NY during Joel's college years.

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