The prevalence of doubt

The prevalence of doubt 
by Joel Howard

"Lord, I am Yours. I yield myself up entirely to You, and I believe that You accept me. I leave myself with You. Work in me all the good pleasure of Your will, and I will only lie still in Your hands and trust You."
 - Hannah Whitall Smith, 1870, (from her book, The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life)

I love You
You love me
So why am I so unhappy? 
Is doubt within
Doubt in me
The reason I am unhappy? 

My sister says to first choose fact, 
Then exercise faith, then feelings are last
But how do I ignore my past? 
How do I surrender that? 

But this morning as I awakened to
The doubt which clutches my heart 
This morning as I peered into
Light, I realized I am dark!

So bring upon me Your oil of the Word
Bring upon me Your voice!
And I will obey You
Not for what I have
But I will obey You by choice!

Lest I be caught in the waves of doubt
Which blow to and fro like the wind!

O child, O sister, come O friend
Come let us rely on Him!
Come let us rely on Him

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