Prodigal Chronicles: Abandonment (new song included)

by Joel Howard

Keep one foot at home
Keep one foot at home
Never close the door
Never close the door
Keep one foot at home!

This the prodigal and I both learned
Far away in the distance
Prudence began to be heard
Except foolishness made it all too late
At least, by God's mercy
I found at the gate

A heart filled with love
A Dad who now sees
That though I left Him
He never left me

Father, forgive me!
Father, I come clean!
I abandoned myself
You never abandoned me!

It was I who was incomplete
You had what I now need!
I forfeited all
When I took Your money!

Mom tried to tell me
Brothers did too
It was not You who left me
God, I left You!

It was not You who left me!
I had left You!

Never close the door, by Joel Howard

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