Pain: pondering the pruning

Pain: pondering the pruning
by Joel Howard

"Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes that it may bear more fruit." John 15:2, ESV

I can relate to the ones who say
Why me? Why me? 
Psalm 73 says it well when it describes
The joy of the wicked
Why them? Why them?

Why me? 

Thinking of the pain
John 15 can explain
That the wicked, he takes away
While the work continues in me...

Pruning hurts
"Carried away" doesn't
And its not that I'm singled out
For a reason to complain about and pout

I am pondering the pain of pruning
How long, friend, have you too been
Thinking of persistent pain
Trying to make the connection in your brain?

Have you, too, been wondering
Why the consistent siphoning? 
What is this completing in me? 
Why is it for others more easy

Well, as you sit on your surgical bed
In your heart, as you groan within
Remember the vine-dresser prunes to win
He likes its fruit, so he does it again

I guess I cannot avoid offense
Of the hearer who would vent: 
"Not fair! Not well-planned!"
I cannot take away pain's concept

But the scripture does say
God has it that way
He uses our pain
He inflicts it and does say:

"I like what I see..."
So, let us believe
This pain makes us free
Accept Him, and believe

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