Keep - Stay - Trust

Keep - Stay - Trust
by Joel Howard
see Isaiah 26

Hold on 
To what 
You have
Don't leave
The place
You're in
Hold on, hold on to Him who 
Is holding fast unto you!

Let go
Of what 
Is passed
Now from
The past
Please flee, please flee from suffering 
Wantonly and worrying!

Keep - Stay - Trust
Keep - Stay - you must
You must hold fast to your God
My soul, my people!

Keep - Stay - Trust
This is what defines us!
While the world more trouble shoulders
Bow your countenance lower

There is One who matters most
Jesus, the LORD of hosts!
If we keep our face set towards Him
I know we surely will win!

There is lust that lets us go
There is that wind that O so blows!
If we build our lives upon sand
Our sorrow will have no end!

Keep - Stay - Trust
Keep - Stay - Trust

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