I'm already with the pigs

I'm already with the pigs
by Joel Howard
see the Prodigal Son parable (Luke 15)

Premise: "How many of us scorn the prodigal, how many of us shame him. But while we're home, this the unknown: We're already, also with the pigs..."

As my younger brother gets welcomed
I'm already making digs
I'm here working for my father
But I'm jealous for his kiss

My enemies are within me
Convincing me to sin
My younger brother's out there
But I'm with him, with the pigs

He who comes back to confess lack
My father thrusts his arms upon him
I cannot stand that he's been there and now back
I'm disgusted when I see it

What's going on? To servants I ask
Your bother, he is here!
Your father threw it all down for him
And his ring, his robe, his food

But all these years, father, I've slaved for you
I've hired myself out...

But son, did you forget this is home? 
Our love, our bounty, our peace? 
When you arise, its because of love
Because of friendship deep...

Yes, father, says the older son
Yes, father, I now see
That though I've slaved and worked for you
I did it only for me...

I who thought that I could earn
What I was born into
I who now confess to you
You love me not for what I do...

Though I am home, and have lived here
I've sold myself as well
I've bargained for another home
I've lived under the rules of hell

So, yes, O yes! I'll come inside!
I take my brother's hand
Though he left from far away
Though he left prodigal lands

O brother, I too have stranger been
To father's richest foods
But father, I receive both now
My brother, and these rooms

I come inside, though few my steps
Still far my journey's been
From pigs afar, from pigs within
From hurtful sorrow and sin

I couldn't tell you how long I've wanted
Just to be with you
Though you're always with me and I with you
I want to apologize too

For feeding pigs, for pleasing man
When I before you whose pleasure flag
Has waved o'er me time and again
'Tis I who hid, 'tis I who fled

Though I here in your very walls
Though I your "faithful" have been
How long I've lived a dying life
How long I'd dined with pigs!
How long! But now, come in!

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