What I said no to

What I said no to
by Joel Howard 

God when I said yes to You
Here’s what I said no to:

To people’s faces
To all their gazes
I fled rat races

To making money 
As much as would 
Come to me 

Jesus, when trials beset
I chose You and yet
Today I remember
All I left there:

Forsook the taste of
What others crave
The taste of “wine”
The friends of mine

Camped out instead
In lands I dread
Sweat on my brow
Dirt on my head

I stayed in desert rooms
And camped out in tombs
Where devils had
Their best chance
To cut me out 
Of the hands of God 
But His wounds let
Me hide within

Deeper than the scars of most
No matter what alarms the host

What beauty lies
In Daddy’s eyes

Sustains me now again
When I remember where I would’ve been

I glance back but never will return to
All that I said no to!

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