Some vs all

Some vs all
by Joel Howard 

You have a lot
You have it all
I just have some
Lord, I am small

But that’s what comprises
The failures of all
We think we are big
We compete, is all

But it’s not a thing
God likely ignores 
Giving up fame
He rarely affords

Not that He lacks it
Again, He is tall
It’s just that He’s God
He’s one, He’s all

“Surely He will share”
We say, sadly, in vain
Surely He won’t!
The LORD is His name!

Likely to forfeit 
His grace, blood and fail?
Give up His Saviorhood?
We hope, but to no avail

Best to embrace fully 
All, bend your knees
Say you are small
He is big, at His feet

Child, find the place
He created for you
Silent, embrace
He is big - and enough for you!

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