Shades of our souls

Shades of our souls
by Joel Howard 

We’re right or left handed
Shame or control
Unaware of all 
That transpires in our souls
So addicted to one or
The other
So convinced some
Emotions to be
Intrinsically better

Here is one who believes 
That her smile is all the world
Tends to accept 
What a poor, broken girl!

There goes one who relents 
From weeping until
In aching rage and anger
He spills

So we each constipate
What we think to be unthinkable 

So we each bury deep
Why weep? Why be emotional?

Until faced with the facts
God designed us to uncover 
With the help of a humbler
Sister and brother 

Until God reaches low
To remind you again 
He designed you to be
His magnificent friend 

How jaded our minds!
Two-dimensional until
We see the colors of grace
Upon the shades of our souls

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