Prodigal Chronicles: Inability

by Joel Howard

It’s funny and yet daunting 
Both scary and haunting 
This pattern 
This theme:
My inability 

It’s like somebody’s watching 
I’m scared of what I’m finding 
This revelation never stopping:
My inability 

Inability to breathe or even speak
Without You holding me
O Father
The constant for me now
Is that without slowing down 
And without You around 
I’m nothing 

My ability to see
Is less dependent upon me
And more about my constant weakness 
I cannot even claim
To do anything 
Without Your perfect Name 
Surrounding everything 

It’s Your refrain!
The fact that You came
When I was far away 
You found me

I’m home again 
Remind me who I am 
Remind me once again 
I’m drowning 
Both in Your love for me
And in my inability again 

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