Prodigal Chronicles: Boredom

by Joel Howard

I used to be bored
At my Father’s home
I used to be bored and 
Terribly alone
I didn’t belong
Or so I assumed 
“Boredom” was but 
An excuse to pursue 

A life somewhere else 
Packed my bags and ran off
Terribly confused
Not understanding the cost
Of a life apart from God 
Apart from home
Apart from grace
Apart from brothers and
Family who each new my name

But the boredom I thought was a curse
The boundaries I assumed were the worst
The failure I tended to feel
Was the normal I’d give anything for right now
The normal that every wise man talks about
The grace of a whisper and scarcely a shout
If home is that boredom 
God I want it now!
“Return to me son!” I hear You say out loud

It’s boring to rest
But it never runs out!
If boredom’s the best
Then God I want it now!

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