Now trending (in heaven)

Now trending (in heaven)
by Joel Howard 

Once the creatures, all four
Fall upon the celestial floor
Day and night, trending now
24 elders each bow down
All of them re-tweet out loud
Each one remarks as they drop crowns
God’s got talent! GGT
Eternal worship to this King!
No dislikes will stand when 
All creation gazes upon Him
We’ll each unfollow ourselves and unsubscribe 
From idols we’ve trusted in all our lives
A cazillion views, trending now!
Top of the charts, the highest crown!
Master, Savior, King and God
Collecting royalties by the billions
Surpassing followers by men
Whose futility was never meant to win
King of kings and Lord of lords
Jesus Christ forevermore 
Lion and Lamb
All face down upon the floor

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