The existence of God

The existence of God 
by Joel Howard

First we want rank
To know we are first
Then a full bank
To own all the herds
Next we want more 
than we are allowed 
Tell me now friend, why do we doubt God?

Let’s see what’s next:
Oh yeah! We want toys 
Big ones, best ones
All girls and boys
Desire a lot and can’t get enough 
Maybe that’s why we want life without God

Who tells us what’s not pertaining to us
Who beckons us close, and of all else warns us
“Son, if you take one more bite you will lose
All that I’m trying to give unto you!”
But out of our thirst to be likened to God
We rip His page out of life’s book and say He’s not

I think that because He owns all that we want
We forfeit our faith and the existence of God

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