My story

My story
by Joel Howard
from Anxious for anything series

I know you each want an explanation on how to rest, how to lose the bad habit of anxiety. I was there myself and often challenge God with the same question: Why don't you just take it away...if you're good!!?

A big theme in my writing these years (since starting this blogsite, etc.) has been rushing and conversely, the need to wait.  One of my favorite poems talks about rushing:

by Joel Howard

Rushing is Satan's brother
Prudence is Jesus' friend
Waiting thinks of each other
Quickness is a dead end
Patience knows he's well-fed
Jealousy's root is famine
Quietness sits with the Father
Rushing is Satan's brother

I think my story when it comes to anxiety can be unpacked in that poem.  It has been a lifelong journey to escape the throws of Satan's attacks and to befriend silence, peace and calm through Jesus Christ.

I know my second poem in this series talks a lot about various methods for slowing down and losing anxiety.  But that is probably because anxiety hits us from so many different angles!  Its like saying, why do we have so many different types of utensils in the kitchen!  Forks, spoons, knives, etc.

From the time we all are kids, we struggle with patience. We'd rather lie than tell the truth for we think lying to be a shortcut to peace.  Wrong!  We'd rather cheat on a test than admit we are wrong.

When we grow up, the lying and cheating reap graver consequences and that is why anxiety is so huge to address whatever your age.

I hope this series has helped you uncover more of your need to rest, share and smile - all as ways to uncover your own need for a Savior.  Please know that help is out there. If your anxiety is more than you can handle, please reach out to your nearest emergency room immediately and after that, begin to build a network of friends and leaders in your life to help you take the journey inward.

Best wishes!

Joel Howard

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