My friend, Noah

My friend, Noah
by Joel Howard

I am looking at a kids book about Noah and his ark
I like Noah
A hundred and twenty years he sacrificed out of obedience

As I look at the faces of the people who who watched
As he built
Sad, worried and others scoffing and all for the wrong reasons

“There’s a flood coming soon”
Says Noah
“There’s a flood coming soon”
“Yeah we heard ya!”

The burnt and sweaty brow of Noah building his ark
I appreciate Noah
Four generations he spent building it by hand

As the children he raised surrounded him and played
“That’s my dad!!”
Happy to have a dad with conviction

“We heard ya, Noah!”
Some scoffed and others spit
No doubt his accusers ridiculed him
And the crowds that watched him
Grew thinner than thin

And I think of that man
He’s my friend!
I want to be like him

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