Joseph's life {featured writer}

Joseph's life
Richard Gantz
Adapted from his Psalm of God series #8
“…you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present
result…” Genesis 50:20

Towering above the complexity of present earthly developments that come our way is the all-seeing God...

Think with me of the pain that came to Joseph’s life, as he came to this statement of conclusion.
There was the pain of being the little brother of those ten big brothers. They could, but he could not.
There was the pain of being thrown into the pit and awaiting the will of those who put him there.
There was the pain of being sold to travelers going down into Egypt and being deprived of his father’s affection.
There was the pain of being lied about by Potaphar’s wife and put in a dungeon.
There was the pain of waiting two whole years in that prison setting, climbing the walls of gaining respect.
There was the pain of feeling out of place as he was brought before Pharaoh and thus promoted.
There were the pains of seeing the land of Egypt go through the notable time of drought.
There was the pain of seeing ten brothers come for food in Egypt and not being known to them.
There was the pain of knowing that his little brother and father were at home and he could not see them.
Patiently he waited that perfect time that would never seem to come, thus declaring, “I am Joseph”.
He patiently waited for his brothers to make that long journey to bring their father and herds to Egypt.
Finally, Joseph gave that memorable statement that was filled with forgiveness and grace.
“Dear brothers, God has kept me alive to go before you and to preserve life.
Now you meant it unto me for evil, but God meant it unto me for good, to preserve life.
Now go and come again and we will all live together amidst the plenty that has been stored up in Egypt.”

What a marvelous and gracious mindset to so assume with those who have in some way done you ill.
Can you see God? Can you forgive? Can you, too, be gracious and refuse to hold a grudge? That is grace.

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