Do not be afraid to share

Do not be afraid to share
by Joel Howard
from Anxious for anything series

Suppression convention!
Come this way!!
Hide all you have
With us today
If anyone probes
Shoo them away
Suppression convention
Convening today

Top ten of things we tend to hide
One, our joys - we squash them inside
Two, our fear that others will find out
What we truly are about
Three, our ideas, desires and thoughts
Four, our passions, we scorn them lots!
Five, our anger, we feel it is wrong
Six, our hatred for how we've been wronged
Seven, our love 
Eight, our sadness
Nine, our prayers
Ten, our gladness

Why do we hide these things within? 
Why don't we share them? 
Why do we swim in oceans of sadness
Without letting go? 
This is why we are anxious
We never let go

Pick a safe friend
Pick a safe place
Pick a blank journal
Find a safe space
Call now your therapist
Call now your kin
Call unto Jesus
Reach deep within
Employ community
Child, friend now share
Put all that's inside
Put it out there

Start with your joys
Your fears
And your thoughts
There's only one rule here: 
Pour it all out!
There's only one limit
Tell all about...

And just when you've shared all that you have inside
Share it again
Again confide...
Until that grand puzzle completes now itself
Until that disappointment does roses sprout
And once you've taught yourself to unbear
Teach then a brother, a sister to share...

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