All or nothing

All or nothing
by Joel Howard

When I sit down and no one hears me 
Jesus I know you’re near me 
Listening to my cry

I can’t be fake with you dear Jesus 
But all these thoughts 
Are so extreme 

“It’s all or nothing, soul”
I preach but don’t feel whole 
Maybe I am just too hard 
On someone God loves!
“It’s all or nothing, soul”
Emotions lose control 
But maybe I am just too hard
On someone Jesus loves!

Slow down, soul 
Wait upon the Lord
Maybe I am much too hard on you!
Don’t forget 
His promises 
Jesus payed everything for you!

Maybe all this all or nothing 
Fails to put God in the budget 
Balance comes with Jesus’ loving me!

Take my highs and take my lows
Come take over, take control 
Maybe I am much too hard
On someone Jesus loves...

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